Update Log

2021.07.15  Release RS232 domination of Hook-off, Hook-on and Dialing for  CIP101/CIP102/CIP104/CIP108 
2021.07.14  Release RS232 transmission for CIP104/CIP108 
2021.07.14  Release RS232 transmission for CIP101/CIP102 
2021.07.06  Issue https transmission for  CIP101/CIP102/CIP104/CIP108
2021.07.01  Release transmission encryption for CIP101/CIP102/CIP104/CIP108
2021.06.30  Release Websocket command of Hook-off, Hook-on and Dialing  for CIP101/CIP102/CIP104/CIP108
2021.06.25  Optimize protocol of data transmission for  CIP104/CIP108
2021.06.01  Release software [IP configuration and push to IP]