Inbound Caller ID forwarding to IP address

User enters the verification process of your webpage or App

User dials the designated number via registered mobile number

Verification device forwards the user inbound Caller ID to system server

The verification completed once user profile comparison succeed

* User dials system phone, the device will forward the Caller ID to web server

Easy & Economic Verification!

Application development

Easy documentation for engineer effective development

Mobile number/Landline number verification

User dials system phone number to verify the mobile number through device Caller ID forwarding

Web application from inbound call

User calls the designated number via registered mobile number, the device will push the caller ID to web server for various application.

24x7 Phone number verification

Instant forwarding inbound caller ID to web server for online verification

Simple installation

All you need is a device connected with landline and network

Free of charge for both user and platform verification

Without answering the phone call, device will collect the inbound Caller ID. Neither the user nor the platform needs to pay for the call


What is the construction cost for mobile number verification?

All you need is the device connected with landline and network.

Is there any extra cost on verification?

Free of charge on both user and platform with Caller ID verification

How is the device capacity?

CIP101/1 Line CIP102/2 Lines CIP104/4 Lines CIP108/8 Lines The equipment can be mixed and expanded unlimited for concurrent verification requirement.

Can an oversea phone number be verified?

An oversea phone number also can be verified once the user dials the designated number with country code.

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