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Many interactive websites or e-commerce platforms require mobile number verification as identity authentication. 

There are a few common ways to verify the mobile number. 
1. SMS:  Mostly used method is sending verification code to user’s registered mobile and check  user’s return.
    It is fast and convenient. However, the more users, the higher SMS cost. 
2. Inbound voice OTP:  System calls the registered number and plays a voice verification code, the user enters it back to website. System will pay for the verification call. 
3. Outbound voice OTP : User dials the system number via registered mobile and gets the verification code, then enters it back to website. User will pay for the verification call. 
24x7 provides ideal and secure solution for both user and platform side. 
Connect the verification device with landline and network. When user calls the system number via registered mobile number, the device will send  user’s Called ID to web server for verification with user’s profile. Without answering the call, the verification procedure will be completed. The process is totally free of charge on either user or platform. 
It is the most economic way for long-term operation. The accumulation in user will not increase the cost at all. At the meantime, receiving the SMS from  third party  will be prevented as well.

1. Construct once, cost once. 
The only expense on system is the verification device, landline and network. No matter how users increased, the device works always. And communication between user and system will be free. 
2. Easy for integrate and development. 
The device forwards Caller ID to system server. Mobile number verification will be an easier add-on function in your website. 
3. Various system capacity
24x7 provides various optional device for 1/2/4/8 lines. All equipment can be mixed or expanded. 
4. Completed featured
In addition to forward the Caller ID to system server, the device sends the data with line status (inbound, outbound, power-off, dialing and ringing) as well. 

Our Team
Our team focus on development of web platform, APP, CTI and software for decade. We keep exploring the innovative solutions for system integration. Your requirements are our missions.